This is a snapshot of Kevin Behan on his farm in Vermont.  He is the creator of Natural Dog Training, and he has taught me everything I know about dogs, and then some.  He has a deep and rare understanding of the true nature of dogs, and we are blessed that he is so willing to share that with us.  Thank you Kevin.  You truly are the dogman.


7 thoughts on “Dogman

  1. Amazing photo! We were just up to see Kevin with our dog Brownie for the second time a few weekends ago! He is an incredible being and having his support has changed my life. I hope I don’t wait another year before going again. Lucky to live only 2 hours away. Thanks for all your beautiful writing about your journey!

      • I hope to. My dog is now 9 years old and we are just working on getting out the bite. Kevin says Brownie must have had bite inhibition training. So sad. It’s difficult work for me but good for me at the same time. Have you worked with a dog that couldn’t bite on anything but food?

      • Yes, the current general state of dog “training” is quite sad. The whole notion of bite inhibition is ridiculous, though I can understand how it came to be. Those dogs take a while before they start to feel free enough to start biting things again, but it eventually does happen.

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