In Delta’s Woods

DeltasWoodsSomething happens to us when we step into those woods. Most of the time she must live in my world, but in this place, I am her guest. Once again she invites me in and leads the way, and I follow. Because this is more than just another walk in the woods. It is a walk through time and space, on a journey where she is my guide, leading me back to myself.DeltasWoods3

One day, Delta won’t be here anymore to grace me with her beautiful presence. I don’t know when that day will be, but I cherish every moment with her. She has done more for me than anyone will ever know, especially this past year. I have come to lean on her a lot, and I have felt the bond between us become stronger. She is my wife’s dog, and that will never change. But she is now, finally, also mine, and I am grateful for being allowed this chance to be a part of her world. By allowing me into her heart, she has allowed me to feel more connected to my own.DogAndHerBoy


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