Saturday Nights

799A1417 smallThis is the typical Saturday night in this house. This may just look like two dogs sleeping on the couch together, but it’s so much more. These two used to get into fights with each other all the time. Sleeping near each other was something that didn’t seem possible. Thanks to Natural Dog Training, they haven’t fought in years. We can now all enjoy what so many people take for granted, a peaceful Saturday evening at home with the dogs.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Nights

  1. That’s an inspiration Sang. There may be a time in the future when my dog Ella will have to share a house with a very friendly, but rambunctious Siberian Husky. And, as for right now, Ella can’t even ride down the street in my car without going nuclear when she see’s another dog out walking. Could be a long journey, but it’s good to see it is possible!

  2. This is my dream, and what led me to NDT. We’re only a few weeks into our journey but I believe we will end up with our guys on the couch together again! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into the future!

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