From Head To Heart

BlogCoverIt’s been 5 years since I made that trek to Vermont and met Kevin Behan for the first time. Little did I know at the time how much he would change my life. I can’t believe 5 years have already passed, so when the opportunity came to get together again in Indiana, I relished the chance to meet and catch up. This time though I wouldn’t be bringing dogs, I would be bringing a camera. Well, 2 cameras actually. One for me and one for Amanda. It was a fantastic 3 days of reconnecting with some old friends, and making a lot of new ones. The organizing team of the Indiana K-9 Assisted Crisis Response Team did an amazing job putting the event together, and it was so nice to finally meet so many people in person who I had only met online. Even though the 5 years have gone by quickly, I vow that it won’t be another 5 before we reconnect again. Thanks to everyone who attended for being such gracious subjects and not being deterred by having a camera constantly following them around, as well as to Jean Marie Thompson and her team for making us feel so welcome, and of course a huge thanks to Kevin for continuing to do what he does, helping us all get out of our heads and reconnect with our hearts. See you again soon my friend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mallR0020506R0020509D59C4122GroupPhoto


6 thoughts on “From Head To Heart

  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them! Just leaving me a wee bit jealous for not having been able to be there 🙂

  2. Beautiful work Sang! Your use of depth-of-field isolation is magic! Wish I could have been there! The vibe of your photo’s tells me that the seminar had to be amazing!!

  3. Wow, Sang thank you. These are great pictures! It is so nice seeing everybody again, and I have got some great memories to add to the photo`s 🙂 Hope we meet again some day. Take care….


  4. You really captured the stories! Beautiful! And the joy in Kevin’s face is proof that he is living his life’s passion.

  5. Wonderful to see all your work. I kept seeing Lupine in the ( I think two) husky looking dogs..the body language, the way they would attend and he stretch up to meet the gaze so in a way nothing below could get higher if they were right there riveted on you face to face at times, and even the push shot of Amanda, and how the tail was from the was kind of amazing. Thanks for all your good efforts with Kevin, certainly this work offers so much about leadership, heart and helping all as a friend said in conservation “voiceless voices” to have a chance to teach us about nature and our natures,. I appreciate the fine photos that captured important moments, attitudes and for me always this heart and sweetness in dog beings and seeing
    Kevin facilitating the energy so that it could go in the best direction for dog and persona.

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